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Can end-of-life thermoset composites parts and production waste be recycled? Are there any companies offering this service? Working on Reinforced Plastics, these are questions I am often asked by composites manufacturers, and potential customers. And the frequency of these questions is increasing, ...
Posted 31 May 2011 by Amanda Jacob
Composites can be recycled ... That was the conclusion of the delegates at EuCIA's Information Day on 4 May, entitled Competitive Composites: Sustainability & Recycling Challenges. The event took place at the European Parliament in Brussels, with keynote speaker Holger Krahmer, Member of the Eu ...
Posted 05 May 2011 by Amanda Jacob
And so another JEC show comes to an end and a number of themes stand out. There were numerous carbon fibre products and applications on display (the black) and a big focus on sustainability (the green). Automotive composites are evidently hot at the moment, evidenced by the number of car makers at ...
Posted 01 April 2011 by Amanda Jacob
In my conversations at the show, the three following topics were top of the agenda. 1. When will the recovery start? Not surprisingly, everyone was talking about the global economy and asking when business would pick up. Although the outlook for the future growth of the composites industry is good ...
Posted 11 February 2010 by Amanda Jacob
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